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Waste Management Plan Benefits for Construction Sites

Reasons your Business Needs a Waste Management Plan

JJD Recycling LLC Benefits Waste Management Plan Construction IndustryAny business can accumulate excess waste, but the amount of trash and debris is extremely apparent in the construction industry. Whether it is tearing down a home or building a condominium development, construction materials account for as much as 40% of landfill waste! From wood to drywall, asphalt shingles, dirt, bricks, tiles and more, there is certainly a better way to discard unneeded, unused or broken construction site materials. Implementing a waste management plan into your company culture not only helps your business run more efficiently, but it will save you money, help you avoid costly penalties and get your crew working together for a common goal. JJD Recycling LLC outlines the 5 biggest benefits of having a waste management plan in place for your construction business.

5 Benefits of Implementing a Solid Waste Management Plan

Cuts Disposal Costs: When you reduce the amount of waste your construction site produces, you’ll cut disposal costs! Dumping waste in landfills is very expensive due to the various fees associated. A waste management plan allows you to consider what materials can be reused or recycled, saving you money!

Makes Company more Ethical: Environmental regulations benefit the ecosystem, making your company more ethical. Your plan will show customers you care about the environment.

Improve Operational Efficiency: Fixing errors in waste management, recycling and disposal will free up valuable time in the future. Employees are also more productive, because they know exactly how to tackle a construction project based on materials that will be reused, recycled or thrown away.

Remain Compliant: Government regulations surrounding business waste, especially regarding construction projects, are extremely strict. Failure to meet local and national regulations & laws will result in fines and can even shut down your project. But when you implement a waste management plan you can easily meet requirements and sometimes take advantage of grants & incentives.

Boost Employee Morale: When your team understands the procedures that are put into place, they will all come together and work towards the common goal.

Construction Debris Recycling Facility in Philadelphia

Allow JJD Recycling LLC to help with your business or construction site waste management plan. Our construction material recycling center in Philadelphia accepts concrete, asphalt, clean fill and striped soil from job sites in the surrounding areas. For more information see some Easy Tips to Reduce Construction Waste or The Economic Benefits of Recycling Construction Material.

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