JJD Recycling LLC A family owned & operated business in Philadelphia for over 20 years! At JJD Recycling LLC we strive for excellence in every service we provide. CRUSHED CONCRETE All crushed concrete has been processed, cleaned and recycled for future use. JJD Recycling LLC provides quality construction material for projects large & small. 2" & 4" CRUSHED CONCRETE Crushed concrete is available in 2” and 4” sizes. The JJD Recycling LLC crushed concrete is eco- friendly and a great alternative to expensive crushed stone. TOP SOILS & QUALITY COMPOST For screened topsoil and premium compost rich with nutrients, call JJD Recycling LLC. Great prices on high quality top soils & compost. FULL DISPOSABLE SERVICES Inbound disposal services available. JJD Recycling LLC accepts concrete, asphalt, clean fill and topsoil at our Philadelphia location.

We are JJD Recycling LLC

Construction Recycling Facility in Philadelphia

JJD Recycling LLC has been a family owned and operated construction recycling facility, located in Philadelphia, PA, for over 20 years! We strive for excellence in all of the Industrial and Commercial services we provide. The goal at JJD Recycling LLC is to supply materials & offer disposal services above industry standards with the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency. Whether it’s the products we sell or our inbound disposal services, we guarantee the utmost in satisfaction. For 2 generations, we’ve provided Philadelphia with high quality construction products, as well as disposal services for a variety of industrial site work projects throughout Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware.

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Philadelphia Construction Recycling Facility: Our Products

For industrial and commercial use, JJD Recycling LLC sells construction material products for your work site. Our 2A modified type or 4” ballast type crushed concrete is environmentally friendly and a great alternative to expensive crushed stone. Crushed concrete can be used under parking lots, roadways and as fill for leveling. Both of our topsoil, screened topsoil and screened amended/rain garden soils, options have been screened and are free of rocks, roots, clumps and debris. Finally, the premium compost we sell is rich in micro & macronutrients and organic matter, which will help improve your soil structure. At JJD Recycling LLC we sell the highest quality materials for all of your construction projects, large and small. Our products are available for onsite pickup at our Philadelphia location, we also deliver to construction sites in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware.

Inbound & Outbound Disposal Services

Besides retail sales, JJD Recycling LLC provides inbound disposal services. As part of our inbound disposal, we accept concrete, asphalt, clean fill and topsoil. Drop off your excess materials to our construction recycling facility where it will be processed, crushed then recycled for future use. Eligible products available for pick up or delivery include 2A modified type crushed concrete, 4” ballast type crushed concrete, screened topsoil, screened amended/rain garden soils and premium compost. For more information on our concrete disposal, clean fill disposal, topsoil disposal or any of the products available for retail sale, call 267-687-2463 or send us an email.

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