Construction Material Recycling Center in Philadelphia

JJD Recycling LLC is a family owned & operated construction material recycling center located in South Philadelphia. We strive for excellence in all aspects of the industrial and commercial services we provide from retail material sales of 2A modified type or 4” ballast type crushed concrete, screened topsoil, screened amended/rain garden soils, clean fill and more to the inbound disposal services we offer. Specializing in the industrial and commercial construction industry, call our experts for questions on the type of material or service best suited for your project.

JJD Recycling LLC Construction Material Recycling Center Philadelphia PA
JJD Recycling LLC Philadelphia Construction Material Recycling Center Services

Construction Material Recycling Center Services

Our Philadelphia construction material recycling center offers inbound disposal service. The various materials we accept for inbound disposal includes concrete, asphalt, clean fill and topsoil. Once received at our facility the product will be processed, crushed and recycled for future use and retail sale. For outbound materials, come to our Philadelphia location to take out the products you need for your construction worksite or project. 2A modified type crushed concrete, 4” ballast type crushed concrete, screened topsoil, screened amended/rain garden soils, clean fill and premium compost are all available for outbound purchase. Call 267-687-2463 for more information on our inbound disposal or outbound material services.

Construction Materials for Retail Sale

If you’re in need of material for your construction project or worksite, JJD Recycling LLC offers a wide variety of products available for retail sale. As an alternative for more expensive crushed rock, we offer 2A modified type crushed concrete or 4” ballast type crushed concrete. We have two topsoil options, regular screened or screened amended/rain garden soils, which have been screened on-location to ensure they’re free of rocks, roots, clumps and various debris. Finally, our premium compost is rich in micro & macronutrients and organic matter to improve growth and soil structure. These high quality materials are available for pickup at our Philadelphia location; we also deliver to worksites in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware.

As a family owned & operated business in Philadelphia for over 20 years, at JJD Recycling LLC we strive for excellence in every service we provide. Let the experts at JJD Recycling LLC service all of your disposal and material needs no matter how large or small your project. For questions about your construction material or service needs, call 267-687-2463 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable employees. For more information visit our construction material recycling FAQ guide.

JJD Recycling LLCConstruction Material Recycling Center Materials for Sale Philadelphia


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