Asphalt Disposal Facility in Philadelphia

JJD Recycling LLC is a 2nd generation family owned & operated business located in Philadelphia for over 20 years. We specialize in inbound disposal services for asphalt disposal, as well as concrete, clean fill and stripped topsoil. We’re proud to be known as one of the most trusted businesses in the construction material recycling industry & we’ve built a reputation on excellence. Asphalt disposal is necessary when roads and highways are in need of repair or partial replacement. When the existing material is cut out for new asphalt to be paved, JJD Recycling LLC accepts the discarded asphalt in order to be properly recycled for reuse. Call 267-687-2463 to schedule your asphalt material drop off appointment.

JJD Recycling LLC Asphalt Disposal Facility Philadelphia PA
JJD Recycling LLC Asphalt Disposal Center in Philadelphia

Inbound Asphalt Disposal Services

Our Philadelphia asphalt disposal and recycling facility accepts loads of material from construction site projects of all sizes. We’re located within close proximity to I-76, I-95 and the Walt Whitman Bridge, giving clients in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County and New Jersey direct access to our location. We accept clean, broken asphalt and asphalt grindings at fair and industry competitive rates.

Asphalt & Aggregate Disposal Dumb Site Philadelphia

There are limited options for disposing of asphalt, whether from driveways, roads or asphalt shingles, because it tends to be heavily petroleum-based. Materials comprised primarily of petroleum are virtually impossible to biodegrade. Petroleum products are materials derived from crude oil (petroleum) when it is processed in an oil refinery. There are essentially two options for asphalt disposal: recycling it or taking it to an asphalt dumpsite.

Dumping vs. Recycling Aggregate Materials

Recycling Asphalt: According to the Federal Highway Administration, asphalt is one of the most recycled materials in the US. Over 80% of asphalt from road construction is recycled. It is very easy to recycle asphalt and use it for future projects. Simply break the asphalt into smaller pieces to create the aggregate component for new asphalt. If you don’t want to keep the asphalt but want to ensure it is responsibly dumped and not wasting away in a landfill, bring your leftover materials to a local recycling center.

Dumping Asphalt: JJD Recycling LLC handles the entire process of asphalt dumping and recycling. Simply drop off your excess and unwanted material at our Philadelphia location, we will crush it and reuse it for our own in-house purposes. Please refer to our Disposal Material Reference Guide to ensure we will accept your load. We only accept clean, broken asphalt and asphalt grindings.

JJD Recycling LLC Concrete & Asphalt Disposal Philadelphia

Asphalt & Concrete Recycling Philadelphia

Not only is it important to the environment for construction materials such as asphalt and concrete to be disposed of properly, it is even more important that they can be recycled & reused. At JJD Recycling LLC, we repurpose your discarded asphalt in order to keep this material out of local landfills. Our disposal service also helps to decrease the amount of new manufactured asphalt. For over 20 years, our company’s owners, operators and staff members have been committed to recycling and repurposes various construction materials including asphalt, concrete, clean fill and topsoil through our inbound disposal services.

In addition to our inbound disposal services, we also have a variety of construction materials available for retail sale at our Philadelphia facility. Crushed 2A modified or 4” ballast concrete, screened topsoil, amended screened topsoil/rain garden soil, clean fill and premium compost can all be purchased for various construction and industrial uses. Delivery for this material is available in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware. For more information on our disposal services or products, call 267-687-2463 to speak with one of our knowledgeable employees. For answers to any questions, visit our recycling constructional material FAQ page.


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