Buy Screened Amended Topsoil in Philadelphia

Screened amended topsoil/rain garden soil is a premium all-purpose topsoil that can be used in a wide variety of residential and commercial applications. Through the screening process, it is free of large debris material such as twigs, stones, plant roots and clumps, but with the benefit of added nutrients.  Soil amendments, or soil conditioners, are meant to improve the physical makeup of the soil. These amendments not only increase nutrients, but also help the soil retain moisture and maintain the proper pH balance.  JJD Recycling LLC offers screened topsoil/rain garden soil for retail sale pickup at our Philadelphia construction recycling facility or it can be delivered to your location in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware.

JJD Recycling LLC Buy Screened Amended Topsoil Philadelphia
JJD Recycling LLC Screened Amended Topsoil For Sale Philly

Nutrient Rich Amended Topsoil Benefits

JJD Recycling LLC provides PWD approved amended soils. We offer screened amended topsoil/rain garden soil that is nutrient rich and formulated specifically to grow lush, abundant foliage. When used for pre-sod or pre-seeding, this type of soil has a plethora of benefits! Because amended topsoil is high in organic matter, micro and macronutrients, it provides superior plant and grass growth support. Other added benefits include increase in water retention, reduction in run-off, minimizes surface erosion, improves drainage and much more! At JJD Recycling LLC, we take great pride in offering the highest quality products for our customers. As a 2nd generation family-owned & operated company located in Philadelphia for over 20 years, you can trust the products from our facility!

Residential & Commercial Applications

Since our screened amended topsoil is rich in organic matter it can be used all year long for a wide variety of residential and commercial uses. As a general purpose topsoil it is perfect for filling planter beds, when backfilling trees & shrubs or a nutrient rich base for planting grass and flowers. The high quality consistency, workable texture and small particle size also make it ideal as a sub base for new lawn installation, new seed growth, landscaping and for leveling yards. Call our experts at 267-687-2463 to discuss your project and for a quote on pickup or delivery.

Besides screened amended topsoil, available for retail sale is screened topsoil, 2A modified type crushed concrete, 4” ballast type crushed concrete, premium compost and clean fill. Our products are available for onsite pickup at our facility or we can deliver to your construction site in Philadelphia, New Jersey or Delaware. For questions about how much screened amended topsoil you’ll need for your project, call our office: 267-687-2463.

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