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Environmental Benefits of Recycling Construction Materials

Reasons Recycling Construction Materials is Beneficial to Environment

JJD Recycling LLC Environment Benefits Recycling Construction MaterialsIn the past 20 years, there has been a huge push for governments and businesses, especially in the construction & development industries, to focus on the environment and sustainability. A large emphasis has been placed on owners & project managers to push for recycling construction materials that are no longer needed, rather than discard the supplies. While the main environmental benefits of recycling construction debris materials include energy savings and landfill reduction, there are plenty of other reasons your company should reduce, reuse & recycle C&D materials. JJD Recycling LLC, a construction recycling facility located in Philadelphia, provides the top 5 reasons you should start recycling the waste from your project worksite.

5 Environmental Benefits from Properly Recycling Construction Materials

Landfill Waste Reduction: The greatest benefit to properly recycling excess asphalt, concrete, clean fill & topsoil is the reduction of landfill waste. Landfills are quickly filling; eliminating large amounts C&D waste provides an easy solution to this growing problem across the United States.

JJD Recycling LLC Benefits from Recycling Construction MaterialsEnergy Savings: Properly recycling construction material waste significantly saves on energy consumption. When you reuse asphalt, concrete and other such resources, you’re eliminating the need to manufacture new material.

Lower Carbon Footprint: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle is not just a lifestyle change you should adopt at home, but one that needs to be brought into the construction sphere. Every person and business entity must do their part to save the plant – start with recycling your construction waste & debris materials.

Reduces Greenhouse Gases: While a pile of concrete or asphalt won’t break down and emit harmful greenhouse gases into the environment, doing your part to recycle can help lower the amount. Simply by accounting for less material into the landfills, whether organic & food or construction, we can help reduce the amount of harmful gases escape into the atmosphere.

Saves Natural Resources: Recycling construction materials removes the need to consume precious natural resources, such as coal, iron, oil and water.

C&D Material Recycling Center in Philadelphia

Recycling construction materials is beneficial not only to the environment, but also to you as a company. Materials from projects such as demolition, deconstruction, renovation and new construction projects all work with resources that can easily be reused or recycled. Many times a client will prefer to work with a company that makes a conscious effort to reduce their impact on the environment. To get started, review some of our easy tips for proper construction waste recycling. You’ll find it doesn’t take much effort on your part, but the environmental payoff is huge.

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