Stripped Topsoil Disposal in Philadelphia

When a construction project is set to begin the first step usually includes removing the existing topsoil in order to level the ground. To achieve this, excavators must dig into the existing land and remove hundreds of tons of dirt, sand, clay and topsoil. This process achieves the excess product of stripped topsoil which must be disposed of properly in order to be recycled and repurposed. For your convenience, JJD Recycling LLC offers stripped topsoil disposal services at our recycling facility in Philadelphia, PA. Built on excellence and located in Philadelphia for over 20 years, we’re known as one of the most trusted businesses in the construction material recycling industry. Call 267-687-2463 to schedule a stripped topsoil disposal drop off.

JJD Recycling LLC Stripped Topsoil Disposal Philadelphia
JJD Recycling LLC Stripped Topsoil Disposal Center Philadelphia

Inbound Stripped Topsoil Disposal

The last thing you want is mounting piles of unused and unwanted screened topsoil scattered around your construction worksite. That’s where JJD Recycling LLC steps in! Our construction material recycling center accepts loads of stripped topsoil from any construction or demolition site and immediately begins our recycling and repurposing process. First, we run the topsoil through our industrial screener in order to remove large debris such as twigs, stones, plant roots, clumps and more. Once 99% of the soil is able to pass through a 3/8” screen, we’ll move it to a separate pile of screened topsoil to be resold later for use in landscaping projects, filling areas in a construction site, topdressing and much more.

Clean Fill Dirt & Stripped Topsoil Recycling Center

Using our stripped topsoil disposal services is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to get rid of excess dirt that you cannot repurpose. With a convenient facility location just off I-76 and minutes from the Walt Whitman Bridge and I-95, you can easily & quickly reach us from your construction site in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County and New Jersey. Our direct access from major highways will save your truckers time and money. JJD Recycling LLC accepts stripped topsoil at disposal rates that are both fair and competitive across the industry. Feel good about your impact on the environment when you dispose of your excess construction material at our recycling facility in Philadelphia, PA.

What are the Different Types of Topsoil?

There are many types of topsoil, but it can generally be divided into three distinct categories:

  1. Economy Grade (Unscreened Topsoil): Unscreened refers to soil in which large rocks, twigs and similar materials have been removed. This type of soil is inexpensive and used in applications where volume is more important than quality. Typical uses include raising landscaping beds, filling holes in landscape, leveling off a garden and more.
  2. General Purpose Topsoil: Available in several different screen size grades, this type of topsoil has a variety of landscaping and landfill purposes. For residential or commercial landscaping, this soil can be used to make new garden beds or as a base for new lawns. It is also appropriate for turf laying and top dressing.
  3. Premium Grade Topsoil: This is the most expensive kind of soil because it is high in fertilizer and organic material. The structure of this particular soil is excellent, making it best used to build flower beds and garden areas.

JJD Recycling LLC offers disposal services for clean fill dirt, concrete and asphalt all at one convenient location. Also available for retail sale for construction projects are 2A modified crushed concrete, 4” ballast crushed concrete, screened topsoil, screened amended/rain garden soil, clean fill dirt and premium compost. Call 267-687-2463 to discuss the disposal or product needs for your construction project with one of our knowledgeable staff members. To get started on becoming a more eco-efficient construction company, visit our recycling FAQ page.

JJD Recycling LLC Philadelphia Stripped Topsoil Disposal Center


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