Buy Screened Topsoil in Philadelphia

Topsoil can be referred to as screened after large debris, such as twigs, stones and plant roots, have been separated out, leaving you with nutrient rich, clean soil. Screened soil can be used for gardens, lawns or as fill for construction site entrances. JJD Recycling LLC sells topsoil that has been screened for commercial, industrial or large residential use. Available for pickup at our Philadelphia construction recycling facility or it can be delivered to your location in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware. JJD Recycling LLC provides PWD approved amended soils. For questions about how much topsoil you’ll need for your project, call our office: 267-687-2463.

JJD Recycling LLC Buy Screened Topsoil Philadelphia
JJD Recycling LLC Recycled Screened Topsoil for Sale Philly

High Quality Screened Topsoil

The topsoil available for retail sale at our facility is put through a rigorous industrial screening process to ensure all large debris is efficiently removed. Processed through a screener, the finer soil particles are separated from the debris material including clumps, stones larger than 3/8” and any foreign objects. Once the screening is completed, 99% of the soil will pass through a 3/8” screen, leaving us with high quality, clean topsoil. The JJD Recycling LLC screened topsoil meets all of the PennDOT specifications for topsoil so you can trust the product you’re receiving for our 2nd generation family-owned & operated company.

Recycled Topsoil for Sale in Philadelphia

Screened topsoil is known for its fine consistency and small particle size. These features allow nutrients and water to flow through the soil easily, making it ideal for topdressing, reseeding or filling areas with existing soil present. Introducing our high quality screened soil improves the texture and overall composition of your current soil. For even better results, combine our screened topsoil with our premium compost, which is rich with organic matter and nutrients. On commercial and industrial work sites, topsoil is ideal for filling large patches of land. Call 267-687-2463 for a quote on pickup or delivery options.

JJD Recycling LLC is a 2nd generation family owned business operating in Philadelphia for over 20 years. We take immense pride in selling high quality construction material products to our clients. Besides screened topsoil, available for retail sale is screened amended/rain garden soils, 2A modified crushed concrete, 4” ballast crushed concrete, premium compost and clean fill. All products are available for onsite pickup at our facility or we will deliver to your construction site in Philadelphia, New Jersey or Delaware.

JJD Recycling LLC Screened Topsoil for Sale in Philadelphia


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