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Construction & Demolition (C&D) Material Delivery Tips

Effective Preparation Tips for C&D Material Delivery

JJD Recycling LLC Tips for C&D Material DeliveryWe’ve already highlighted the many important reasons a construction business should recycle, not only to decrease landfill waste, but save natural resources and cut costs on expensive materials. Sometimes it can feel like an overwhelming and intimidating task, especially when you need to recycle a large load of C&D (construction & demolition) materials. When deconstruction or reusing materials is not an option, construction material recycling centers are the most environmentally and economically friendly resource to get rid of excess materials. Learn the best preparation tips for C&D material delivery to ensure the process

8 Preparation Tips for your Business C&D Material Delivery

Organize Materials: Materials should be sorted and organized prior to delivery. Concrete, asphalt, clean fill and stripped topsoil should have their own dedicated truck to ensure no cross contamination.

No Prohibited Materials: If your items fall out of the range of Asphalt, Concrete or Clean Fill, consult with the C&D recycling center before you arrive to ensure they accept the materials you wish to recycle.

JJD Recycling LLC in Philadelphia does not accept the following:
treated or untreated wood
recyclable paper, cardboard & paperboard
large appliances
glass & metal containers
leaf & yard waste

Check your Weight: When possible, get a rough estimate of the material’s weight before to delivery. This ensures accuracy and makes for a seamless dumping & unloading process.

Discard of Hazardous Waste Properly: All hazardous waste and materials must be discarded properly. Batteries, paint, lead, asbestoses, mercury and PCBs have to be handled safely. Contact your local municipality to know where and/or how to discard such hazardous materials.

Consider Deconstruction: If your current construction project involves tearing down an existing property, consider deconstruction as part of your larger recycling plan! Deconstruction allows you to salvage and incorporate existing debris & materials into your new project.

Reuse Construction Waste: Similarly, you can reuse material that’s already on site. Wood, topsoil and concrete can easily be reused on your construction job site. Clean fill dirt can be used to fill holes and build up ground elevation!

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Create Waste Management Plan: Before the start of any demolition or construction, the project manager should create and implement a waste management plan. By identifying materials that can be reused and recycled, you can save money on material cost and disposal cost.

Call Ahead to Confirm Hours: Some C&D Recycling Centers can only accept so many tons of material per day or may have to close due to inclement weather. Call ahead to ensure you don’t waste a trip!

JJD Recycling LLC is an inbound construction material recycling center located in Philadelphia. Use our facility to dispose of your excess construction material! For questions or to schedule a drop off, call 267-687-2463.

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