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The JJD Recycling LLC premium compost is made of a blend of aged leaves. The aged leaves have been cured in windrows & turned over frequently, leaving us with a premium compost active with bacteria and other organisms. The premium compost available for retail sale at our Philadelphia location has been processed and screened in order to produce a balanced, clean and nutrient rich additive for soil. You can pick up what you need from our Philadelphia location. For questions about how much compost you’ll need for your construction project or worksite, call our office: 267-687-2463.

JJD Recycling LLC Buy Premium Compost Philadelphia
JJD Recycling LLC Buy Nutrient Rich Premium Compost Philadelphia

Nutrient Rich Premium Compost

Premium compost boasts key micro & macronutrients, humus and a neutral pH level making it an ideal additive to create your own unique soil profile or it can be used on its own. The microorganisms present in compost increase the strength of your soil and, ultimately, your foliage. Another added benefit includes the prevention of soil compaction, which increases air and water flow. Purchase wholesale premium compost from JJD Recycling LLC in Philadelphia to build fertile and productive soils to use in flower beds, gardens and lawns. Popular uses for this nutrient rich blend of compost include soil improvement, natural fertilizer, topsoil upgrade and turf maintenance.

Compost & Recycled Materials for Commercial Project

JJD Recycling LLC offers several recycled material products available for retail sale. Our premium compost can be combined with the screened topsoil or screened amended topsoil/rain garden soil for a high quality soil profile. If you’re not in the market for soil-based products, JJD Recycling LLC also offers 2A modified crushed concrete or 4” ballast crushed concrete, which are eco-friendly and inexpensive alternatives to crushed stone. Our crushed concrete products can be used under parking lots, roadways or as fill for leveling worksites. We sell high quality recycled construction materials for all of your project needs, large or small. Pickup at our Philadelphia location or we can deliver to your site in Philadelphia, New Jersey or Delaware.

We are a 2nd generation family owned & operated Construction Material Recycling Center located in Philadelphia for over 20 years! We strive for excellence in all services, whether it is inbound disposal or the outbound products sold at our facility. For questions about the requirements for your construction project, call our experts at 267-687-2463 today! We’re always available and happy to help in any way we can.

JJD Recycling LLC Premium Compost for Sale in Philadelphia


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