2A Modified Crushed Concrete for Sale Philadelphia PA

JJD Recycling LLC is a family owned and operated construction material recycling center located in Philadelphia, PA for over 20 years! Proudly family owned and operated for 2 generations, we pride ourselves on going above industry standards on all services we provide. We accept inbound concrete, crush it and produce clean, high quality crushed concrete for retail sale. Our facility sells a variety of products including 2A modified type crushed concrete, 4” ballast type crushed concrete, screened topsoil, screened amended/rain garden soils, clean fill and premium compost. All products are available for on-site pickup in Philadelphia, as well as delivery to your construction worksite in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware.

JJD Recycling LLC Buy 2A Modified Crushed Concrete
JJD Recycling LLC Buy 2A Modified Crushed Concrete in Philadelphia

Clean 2A Modified Crushed Concrete

The 2A modified type crushed concrete available for retail sale at JJD Recycling LLC is clean, gives off minimal dust and top quality. Our 2A modified type concrete can be used as an environmentally friendly subbase layer material for highway engineering projects. Most commonly used in heavy vehicle trafficked areas such as underneath parking lots and roadways, but this type of crushed concrete can also be used as a leveling material. Purchasing crushed concrete from JJD Recycling LLC is a high quality material, yet much more cost efficient than crushed stone. 

Buy Recycled Concrete in Philadelphia

Recycled concrete helps to reduce landfill overflow and is eco-friendly, because it saves new concrete from having to be created. Crushed concrete is made up of concrete from industrial and construction sites, which can be recycled and reused in other projects. When JJD Recycling LLC receives a shipment of concrete from a construction site, we’ll crush it down into 2A modified or 4” sizes then separate into their respective piles.  

At JJD Recycling LLC we specialize in the retail sale of clean 2A modified type concrete, as well as various disposal services for all of your construction project needs, large and small. Our recycling facility holds millions of tons of construction materials including concrete, topsoil and premium compost. Products are available for onsite pickup in Philadelphia, PA. We also deliver to your worksite location in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware. For questions on orders or disposal needs, call 267-687-2463 or send us an email.

JJD Recycling LLC Purchase 2A Modified Crushed Concrete in Philly


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