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Easy Tips to Reduce Construction Waste

Fool-proof Ideas to Reduce Waste on Construction Sites

JJD Recycling LLC Reduce Construction Waste GuidelinesAs lumber, concrete and asphalt prices continue to rise and a huge portion of your budget being dedicated to C&D materials, you’re probably constantly wondering how to reduce construction waste. As a project manager or business owner it is highly important to stick within your budget to ensure employees are paid and a profit can be generated. The best way to ensure you’re not exceeding your expense expectations is to reduce construction waste. JJD Recycling LLC, a construction recycling facility in Philadelphia, provides several easy ways for you to reduce construction waste at any type of job site.

6 Ways to Easily Reduce Construction Waste on Any Job Site

Recycle & Reuse: Reusing C&D materials is not only environmentally beneficial, but will also help your bottom line. Pieces of drywall can be used for patching on a later project, clean fill dirt raises ground elevation and even something as simple as a plastic bucket can be used to store tools and small items.

Store Material Properly: The easiest way to ensure reduction in construction material waste is to store everything correctly and lessen the impact from harsh weather. Learn why it is a good idea to invest in a construction storage unit at your latest job site.

Order the Correct Size Materials: Lumber, drywall, pipes and other such materials should only be purchased in the exact size needed. An extra foot or two of these types of supplies are unlikely to be reused and will go to waste.

Purchase Only the Amount you Need: Years of experience will help you to understand the exact amount of materials needed for the specific job. Too much material can be wasted, while too little holds up production while awaiting shipment.

Reduce Job Site Mistakes: While it is impossible to expect every member of your crew to be perfect there are ways to reduce the risk of mistakes. Daily team meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page can minimize using the wrong lumber or measuring incorrectly.

Choose Supply Brands with Minimal Packaging: Many companies in the industry are conscious about waste and pollution. Select brands that promote the use of minimal package, while also ensuring your materials are protected. Similarly, you can ask your suppliers if they will buy back unused materials.

Decrease C&D Material Waste

Improve your bottom line and lessen your impact on the environment by follow our guide to reduce construction and debris waste on your job site. If you’re unsure what qualifies and how to go about recycling, view our overview of C&D materials & waste recycling.

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