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Importance of Recycling for your Construction Business

Reasons Recycling Construction Materials are Good for Business

JJD Recycling LLC Importance of Recycling for Construction BusinessIt is more important than ever, in both our personal and professional lives, to consider our impact on the local & global environment. Construction business owners especially have seen a shift that dramatically effects how they operate and manage projects. Gone are the days when C&D waste was discarded into landfills, instead there is a focus on the importance of recycling construction business leftover materials. JJD Recycling LLC, a construction material recycling center in Philadelphia, PA, highlights the reasons why recycling should be a significant focus in your construction business.

5 Reasons your Construction Business Should be Recycling

Cost Savings: With the price of all C&D materials skyrocketing lately, especially lumber, project managers and construction company owners are looking for any way to cut costs. Reusing and recycling construction material is the simplest way to save you money on a construction site! Not only will you save by not having to purchase as much new materials, but also in the money spent transporting leftover C&D materials to landfills.

Competitive Edge: There is so much competition in the construction and building industry that every business owner needs to have something to offer that allows them to stand out. By recycling construction debris and waste you are showing your commitment to the environment! Further, having an LEED certification gives you a huge edge over the competition.

Decrease Landfill Waste: C&D materials such as asphalt, concrete, clean fill and topsoil take up a large percentage of landfill space. This can easily be avoided by simply reusing these resources at your construction site or recycling them at a local facility.

Saves Natural Resources: When you reduce the need to reproduce construction & demolition materials you are also preserving precious resources such as coal, iron, oil and water.

Make Local Connections: The easiest excuse to avoid recycling leftover material is that you weren’t sure where or how to go about doing so. When you form relationships with local construction material recycling centers not only are you supporting the economy and other small businesses but minimizing travel time to out of state facilities!

C&D Material Recycling Center in Philadelphia

Whether you’re a small construction company with a focus on rehabbing houses or an international business building skyscrapers in Center City Philadelphia, recycling is important on every level. If you’re not sure where to start, read our easy tips for proper construction waste recycling for a full breakdown. It is never too late to start making a positive impact on the environment.

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