Concrete Disposal Facility in Philadelphia

JJD Recycling LLC, located in Philadelphia, PA, specializes in concrete disposal services. When structures such as a skyscraper, warehouse or any other commercial building are demolished, it is common for the remains to be recycled and repurposed. That’s where JJD Recycling LLC steps in! Our construction recycling facility accepts loads of concrete from commercial or demolition sites and immediately begins our repurposing process. We process and crush the concrete into 2A modified crushed concrete or 4” ballast crushed concrete, which we sell to construction sites. This recycled crushed concrete is a critical component of sub base for building foundations. Call 267-687-2463 to schedule your concrete disposal drop off.

JJD Recycling LLD Concrete Disposal Center in Philadelphia
Concrete Disposal Inbound Concrete Disposal Site Philadelphia

Inbound Concrete Disposal

Featuring a premium concrete disposal facility location, JJD Recycling LLC is right off I-76 and minutes from the Walt Whitman Bridge and I-95. Our site is within close proximity and direct access from Philadelphia, Bucks County PA, Montgomery County PA and New Jersey. Using our facility for concrete disposal services will keep your trucking and traveling costs to a minimum. Located in Philadelphia for over 20 years, JJD Recycling LLC provides expert inbound disposal and outbound materials at a fair, competitive price. We accept loads of concrete from construction site projects of all sizes! Please note, since the material will be used as clean fill, “clean/pure” concrete is preferred, but we will accept concrete with rebar.

Concrete & Construction Material Recycling Center Philadelphia

Recycling your unused construction site concrete at JJD Recycling LLC is not only a smart decision for your wallet, but it is also environmentally friendly. Recycled concrete helps to reduce landfill overflow and lessens the need for new concrete to be made. In addition to our concrete recycling services, inbound disposal is also available for asphalt, clean fill and stripped topsoil. We accept these construction site materials all at one convenient location! JJD Recycling LLC also supplies our customers with screened topsoil, clean fill, premium compost and 2A modified type or 4” ballast type recycled concrete. Whether you need to get rid of excess material or you need to purchase some for your own project, JJD Recycling LLC has been the most trusted supplier in Philadelphia for over 20 years.

JJD Recycling LLC Philadelphia Concrete Disposal Center

Benefits of Concrete Recycling

Recycling your concrete at an inbound disposal facility will not only benefit your company financially, but also in an environmental, logistical and productivity aspects. In our age of environmental awareness, recycling concrete has become the norm, especially to keep construction costs down. The biggest benefits of investing in concrete recycling and disposal include:

  • Saves landfill space
  • Conserves natural resources like water, coal, oil and gas by reducing the need for gravel mining
  • When using recycled concrete as a base material to build roadways you reduce pollution involved in transporting materials
  • Reduces the cost of buying raw materials and transporting waste to landfills
  • Creates more job opportunities
  • Recycling 1 ton of cement saves 1,360 gallons of water

The recycled concrete is used in a variety of useful ways. Rather than wasting away and taking up space in a landfill, the concrete can be used for road building, the dry aggregate for brand new concrete, wire gabion construction, landscape projects and much more. Don’t waste this precious material. Save money on your overall project cost and help the environment by disposing of your leftover concrete at our recycling center!

As a family owned & operated concrete disposal facility in Philadelphia for 2 generations, we strive for excellence in every service we provide. Let our experts service all of your worksite, excavation and paving material needs no matter the size of your project. For questions about disposal services or material, call 267-687-2463. To learn more about the benefits or how to recycle construction material, visit our FAQ page.


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