Buy Clean Fill Dirt in Philadelphia, PA

Clean fill dirt refers to soil that is not contaminated or mixed with waste, chemicals or foreign objects. This type of dirt would have also never been mixed with beneficial additives, such as manure, seeds or nutrients. At JJD Recycling LLC we offer pure, clean fill dirt that does not contain any detectible contaminants. This dirt and all of our other products are available for retail sale at our Philadelphia location or we can deliver to your worksite in Philadelphia, New Jersey or Delaware. As a reputable supplier of fill dirt, screened topsoil and crushed concrete we pride ourselves on offering quality construction materials at a fair price.

JJD Recycling LLC Buy Clean Fill Dirt in Philadelphia
JJD Recycling LLC Bulk Clean Fill Dirt for Sale Philadelphia

Quality, Bulk Clean Fill Dirt

Less expensive than topsoil, clean fill dirt is beneficial for a number of uses at various construction and industrial worksites. Due to its inorganic makeup, pure fill dirt does not decompose or settle like topsoil, which makes it an ideal material to fill holes, low areas and build up ground elevation. When a construction project requires an even surface, instead of digging deeper into the land, use clean fill dirt to raise the low areas and create a level, uniform dirt platform to build. At JJD Recycling LLC in Philadelphia, PA we sell clean fill dirt in bulk at industry competitive prices.

Inbound & Outbound Delivery Options

JJD Recycling LLC is proud to be one of Philadelphia’s most trusted industrial worksite material suppliers for pure fill dirt, screened topsoil, crushed concrete and premium compost. We make it easy and convenient to get all of the construction material you need, no matter the size of your project. With both inbound and outbound delivery options for our products, you can pick up what you need from our Philadelphia location or we can drop it off to you in Philadelphia, New Jersey or Delaware. Call 267-687-2463 to discuss the details of your project with our experts and they’ll help you calculate the amount of product necessary.

As a 2nd generation family owned and operated construction material recycling & supply center, we strive for excellence in all of the services we offer. From various disposal and recycling services to the products sold through our facility, JJD Recycling LLC is dedicated to providing above industry standards and satisfaction. For questions or more information, call 267-687-2463 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members.

JJD Recycling LLC Buy Inbound Clean Fill Dirt Philadelphia PA


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