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The Economic Benefits of Recycling Construction Material

Recycling Construction Material Economic Benefits

JJD Recycling LLC Economic Benefits of Recycling Construction Material DebrisWe already discussed the environmental benefits of recycling construction material waste, mainly energy savings, the lessening of greenhouse gases, landfill waste reduction and much more. But, many construction companies, site developers and project managers don’t realize the economic benefits that come with recycling construction materials. Construction & demolition (C&D) debris is a valuable financial revenue source, which significantly impacts local and state economies! When you recycle materials such as concrete, asphalt, clean fill dirt and stripped topsoil, you’re not only putting money back into your project, but also local companies. If you’re not sure where to start, refer to our step-by-step guide for effective recycling. JJD Recycling LLC, a Philadelphia construction recycling facility, offers you several economic benefits to recycling construction site materials and waste.

5 Economic Benefits of Recycling Construction Material & Waste

Energy Savings: While you may not directly see the monetary energy saving benefits when recycling C&D, you will see it in other ways. Material cost, gas prices and manufacturing rates will all decrease when contractors and construction companies choose to recycle construction materials.

Cost Savings: Besides saving on material and manufacturing cost, you’ll also see a reduction in the money spent on transportation to the landfills. When you use a local company such as JJD Recycling LLC, we keep your trucking and traveling cost to a minimum. Our prices are always fair and competitive to dispose of your construction materials.

Competitive Edge: With so much competition in the construction industry it is important for you to have a competitive edge. The ability to gloat on your green construction and recycling practices will put you over the top compared with other constructions companies who do not put a priority on the environment. You’ll also earn points towards a LEED certification, the most popular green building rating system.

Job Creation: As more and more site developers move towards green construction practices, C&D recycling centers will have to accommodate the influx of large amounts of material. When this occurs, the facilities will need to hire more employees to keep up with the demand.

Local Partnerships: Support the local economy by forming relationships with construction material recycling centers right in your own neighborhood. Minimizing the travel to out-of-state facilities will also save you money!

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Local C&D Material Recycling Center Philadelphia, PA

JJD Recycling LLC has been located in South Philadelphia for over 20 years. Our inbound disposal services are available for concrete, asphalt, clean fill and stripped topsoil. Conveniently located right off of I-76, we’re in directly accessible from Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County and New Jersey. Learn some easy beginner tips to properly recycle construction waste; the environmental and economic benefits are abundantly clear and do not take any extra effort.

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