Clean Fill Dirt Disposal Site in Philadelphia

If you’re looking to get rid of your excess construction worksite dirt, JJD Recycling LLC in Philadelphia offers clean fill dirt disposal services for your convenience. We only accept clean fill dirt that adheres to the strict definition standard across the industry. Clean fill dirt disposed of at our facility must not be contaminated or mixed with waste, chemical or foreign objects. It must also be free of nutrient rich additives, manure, seeds, rocks or detectible contaminants. Please note we reserve the right not to accept clean fill dirt loads if we do not believe it to be in compliance with our high standards. Call 267-687-2463 for questions or to schedule a drop off.

JJD Recycling LLC Clean Fill Dirt Disposal Site Philadelphia
JJD Recycling LLC Clean Fill Dirt Disposal Center Philadelphia

Inbound Clean Fill Dirt Disposal Services

The JJD Recycling LLC clean fill dirt disposal facility is located just off I-76 and is minutes from the Walt Whitman Bridge and I-95. This prime location gives client’s direct access to us from Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County and New Jersey. Dropping off your excess clean fill dirt at JJD Recycling LLC is convenient and will save your truckers both time and money. Our clean fill dirt disposal rates are both fair and competitive. We accept loads of clean fill dirt from various construction and industrial site projects across Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware of varying sizes.

Clean Fill Dirt & Construction Material Recycling Philadelphia

It is important for the future of our planet that we all do our part to dispose of all excess construction worksite material properly. At JJD Recycling LLC, we are proud to accept concrete, asphalt, clean fill dirt and stripped topsoil so we can recycle and reuse or resell them. Recycling and reusing these various materials will put less of a strain on already overcrowded landfills. It also reduces the need for more supplies to be manufactured, causing a surplus. Our owners, staff members and operators are committed to repurposing these materials and having a lasting positive impact on our environment.

Dirt Disposal Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I dump dirt?

Dirt can be safely disposed of at the following locations:

  • A nearby landfill
  • Our JJD recycling center
  • Clean fill dump sites
  • Landscape or building suppliers that accept dirt

Never dump clean fill dirt on

  • Public property, including parks or wildlife preserves
  • Private property, other than your own

How much does dirt weigh?

The weight of dirt varies based on its moisture content. For instance, 2 cubic yards of dry clean fill dirt weighs about 2 tons. But when wet, that same amount of dirt can weigh 3 tons!

What is contaminated soil?

Contaminated dirt has come into contact with hazardous, flammable or toxic materials including oil, fuel, chemicals or heavy metals (lead, arsenic). It can also become contaminated by coming into contact with paint or wood from older structures.

How can I dump contaminated soil?

Contaminated soil is very hard to get rid of, because there are so few places that can properly treat and dispose of it. This type of dirt can be remediated and reused or disposed of at an approved soil treatment center.

Can I dispose of soil that is mixed with other materials?

Soil mixed with rocks, leaves or other biodegradable waste is not considered contaminated. Disposal services at our recycling facility must be clean and free of any of these types of waste.

In addition to our inbound disposal services of clean fill dirt, concrete, asphalt and stripped topsoil, JJD Recycling LLC also offers a variety of construction materials for retail sale. 2A modified crushed concrete, 4” ballast crushed concrete, screened topsoil, screened amended/rain garden soil, clean fill dirt and premium compost are all available to purchase. You can pick up your materials at our location in Philadelphia or we can deliver to your worksite in Philadelphia, New Jersey or Delaware. For more information about our products or disposal services, call 267-687-2463. To answer any questions regarding how to recycling construction materials, visit our FAQ guideline.

JJD Recycling LLC Clean Fill Dirt Disposal Site in Philadelphia


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